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A House Filled with Music and….Screaming?

For those that don’t know, we homeschool our children.  Yes, all five of them. For all its challenges, I love it. Compared to twenty years ago according to other pioneering families who have successfully done it that long or longer, homeschooling is easy as pie with all the great resources, classes and curriculum available.  Although I’m not really a baker so pie doesn’t come so easy to me.  Back to homeschooling.  Over the years, we have taken advantage of said resources, doing different things every year, ranging from academic co-ops to field trips to classes to sports to music to art.

This year, as we have a 7th grader and an 8th grader, which means an increased workload, we are pretty focused on academics for them but still want them to be well-rounded.  Our 7th grader, she’ll be called Rebekah, has a God-given athletic bent and will be resuming horseback riding lessons in the next couple of months.  Her goal is to learn to ride English and compete.  She has no fear of horses and has a gift for working with them. Our 8th grader has always loved performing arts.  Both of them took piano lessons for 2 1/2 years (which I also hope to continue as money allows), and while they’re both very good at it and can sight-read music, the older one, Sarah we’ll call her, loves it.  I mean, if she was 2 years old, she would throw a rolling-on-the-floor tantrum when we tell her it’s time to stop practicing and do other work.  Being the dignified teen she is, she scoots the bench in, goes to her room and says nothing to me for the next three hours.  I know her homework doesn’t take THAT long.

But I digress.  She is good.  I don’t say that as just a biased mom (which of course I am), she really is good.  Her teacher has said she has a natural gift, and people in our homeschool circles tell me they look forward to the talent shows because they love to hear her play.  Because of my confidence in her ability not only to play but to learn quickly music that is given to her, I asked her if she wanted to do half of the piano accompaniment for Jubilate Deo’s Christmas performance because they were looking for another pianist to share the load (JD is a homeschool choir led by a woman who has been classically trained in opera, and has quite a gift for working with kids).  Of course, Sarah said YYYEEEESSSS!!! She will play half the performance while the other pianist sings, and vice versa.  Needless to say our house is filled with beautiful Christmas music as she learns new songs each week and practices them.  In fact, she’s playing right now….wait a second,what is that horrid noise????

Screaming.  Like a banshee.  Yes, my son has trained his voice in a different way.  He managed to learn how to scream at the highest pitch a 4-year-old boy’s voice can go (he has four sisters), and add two full octaves to it.  That pitch like nails on a chalkboard, that causes our dog to cower in the corner with his paws over his ears, the one that I swear our neighbors, as understanding as they are, will call the cops about because they know deep down that someone is being murdered. He’s found that his scream is very effective at bringing attention to himself when his sisters aren’t letting him in their rooms, when he can’t have that candy the merchandisers so cleverly place at the checkout, when I walked away from the toy department and my son, when a toy King from Cars most decidedly was not coming home with us that day.  This situation met his criteria for unleashing that dreaded sound from hell, as does the current one. Apparently someone is trying to take something back from he that he rightfully stole, so at the present moment my house is filled with music and screaming.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.