The Definition of “Temple” According to a 4-Year-Old

On Wednesdays, I bring my younger three children to the best daycare provider in the history of ever. We’ve known her for a long time and she took care of our oldest children when I worked.  She really has found her calling and has a magic touch to transfom children into civil human beings.

On the way there this morning, we were listening to a gospel CD which we’ve heard many times so my kids know most of the words.  My son pointed out that the next song would contain the words, “the Lord is in the temple.”  Without skipping a beat, he then said, “I love the temples at Red Lobster.”  Yes, folks, the “temple” to him is a red-colored drink with a cherry on top, known to most as a Shirley Temple. Kids rock.


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  1. Our kids are awesome. Seriously.

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